Kim L., Taiwan

Hi, my name is Kim. I’ve studied conversational Mandarin Chinese using the Pimsluer Program – Levels 1, 2 and 3, Instant immersion, Travel Talk and also briefly in a language institute in Taichung, Taiwan.  I have to share that has been the single most useful, effective, convenient and fun way of studying the language.  It is also the most reasonably priced method of learning Mandarin Chinese that I’ve come across in all my research to find the best way of learning the language. My Chinese speaking friends are amazed at my progress since I have been studying with CLO.

Colin B., Los Angeles, USA

I basically just wanted to write to thank everyone at ‘Chinese Learning Online’ for what I think is an absolutely first rate service. The learning resources provided here are just fantastic, and very empowering in terms of self-study. I have worked as an EFL teacher for many years and am very aware of the level of hard-work which has gone into the design of ‘Chinese Learning Online’. It is easily the best thing I’ve found for learning Chinese, so thank you very much for such a high-quality product. Now back to study…!

Owen J., Australia

I got a long way through level 1 while travelling through China by rail in 2011. I also impressed some family when I managed to hold a bit of a conversation with some Chinese tourists we met in Turkey in 2012. Thanks CLO!

Richard M., Bangkok, Thailand

CLO mobile is a real achievement. The content that has generated much praise as a regular website is even better with the convenience of mobile. Highly recommended!

Johan B, Translator, E.U.

I have been working all my life as a simultaneous conference interpreter in the Interpreting Service of the European Commission. I think that the progressive approach that you are offering is indeed very good, it is like building, adding new bricks every week taking into account the experience acquired during the previous weeks. I personally like it very much.

Very important to me is the fact that the course allows you at any time to take a step back and check and repeat. Repetition is crucial when learning a new language in order to really digest and integrate the content of every level. I concentrate mostly on recognition of the characters now and also the typing; you have built in some very useful exercices in the Activity part of each lesson. So, I can only repeat what I have said before:

I’m really pleased with the structure of the course and every week I am also looking forward to the skype class, that gives me an opportunity to listen and speak and learn more in the margin of the written material.

Terry S., Psychologist, Belfast, Ireland

Hello, I just wanted to say that this website is excellent. I have found it really very helpful in learning some basic Mandarin. I’m now on Level 2 and progressing very well. I’ve tried other websites in the past like ChinesePod and ChineseClass101 which are excellent, but the biggest advantage of this site is that it is a progressive courses. It’s difficult to tell with other sites if you’re really making progress, but it’s easier with ChineseLearnOnline. Keep up the great work everyone. Thanks for helping me with my learning. I think I’m going to subscribe to the site to access the premium content as well. Best wishes for 2010.

Greg M., Electrical Engineer, Connecticut, USA

I really like your whole setup! The lessons are very good, and I really like the progressive aspect of it. For your reference, I also had subscribed to
Chinesepod, and Serge Melnyk’s lessons, and sample the ‘freebie’ content on several other sites. For the cost/benefit ratio, your system is a very good value. Your
online resourses are very good… chinesepod requires some outrageous subscription level to access theirs, a premium subscription only allows access to the mp3’s and the most basic transcription, not the auxilliary material. Yeah, Jenny is hot and all, I could listen to her laugh all day, but the newbie and ellie lessons are way too chatty :-)

Serge is pretty good. He throws a lot of vocab at you at a time, and some of their dialogs get pretty fast, but I like him. Not much in the way of extra resources, besides the pdf transcript, and a basic fill in the blank worksheet per lesson.

I find it funny that I’m learning Chinese from an Irish dude, a Russian, and you, who seem to have a pretty good Canadian accent going :-) Oh, and the native speakers … they are the hardest to understand, because they don’t enunciate as clearly as Chinese as 2nd language folks do.

Anyway, just wanted to say Hi and thanks. Keep up the great work .. enjoy your hiatus from creating new content. Looking forward to the improvements you mentioned, thought the website is pretty darn good already!

Bethany S., Australia

Thank you for creating such an excellent learning tool! Your site is very user-friendly and I find the progressive style of the course very effective. I looked at other Chinese language podcasts and study tools, and decided that Chinese Learn Online is the most helpful!

John T., Software Developer, United States

I’m still just a couple of days into CLO, but so far you’ve converted me over from ChinesePod.

Here are the key things I like:

1. Progressive lessons.
2. The transcripts have everything, not just the dialog.
3. In general, the way you organize and teach the lessons is more effective.
4. The choice of subjects is great. I’ve been studying Chinese for over three years already, and the lessons in the first level are filling some major gaps.
If only I had found you 3 years ago!
5. Being able to download zips of everything. (I’ve spent the last few days just downloading with my slow connection. 3.5 gb, my biggest download ever.
I’m amazed I didn’t have a single download problem except for a couple of false starts.)
6. The export mechanism.

I’m sure there’s more I will love as I continue to explore, as it seems you really “get it” about learning Chinese.

Dave L., Australia

Hi Adam, Kirin & team,
thank you all! I started learning with CLO in March 2009 while doing a TESOL course to teach English in China. I have been living & teaching in Yangzhou, Jiangsu since September 2009. While I still class myself as a beginner & still only catch a little of what is said to me CLO course has done the following: it has given me enough Chinese to at least begin to communicate with people here, few of whom speak English. I can ask prices, buy tickets for long distance buses or trains, ask for directions etc. I have been complimented many times, quite genuinely, on my good pronunciation. Not as a native speaker or speaking correct Mandarin all the time but generally being understood. That is a huge compliment
after only 7 months.

After the disruption of moving & settling in (but also USING Chinese every day!) I am now going to resume the lessons as they are invaluable. Other overseas teachers have been learning but apart from one who has been studying Mandarin at university for 2 or 3 years I am well ahead of the rest so, Thank you CLO.