Peter Y., California, USA

I think your service is actually quite good. I wish that I had this service when I was younger. I’m serious about improving my spoken Mandarin, so I subscribed to you site. I actually like yours because the lessons are short and concise (6-8 minutes) and Kirin and Rafael speak in Mandarin only. I also like your videos.

As an American Born Chinese (ABC) and native English speaker, I feel that Chinese Learn Online is really the BEST Mandarin Chinese learning websites! I studied Mandarin at UCLA for one summer and the National Chengchi University (NCCU) in Taipei, Taiwan for 3 semesters. And though I feel that both UCLA and NCCU language instruction was truly excellent, I also feel CLO lessons are equally superb and even superior in many ways. If I could do it again, I wish that I studied via CLO before going to Taiwan because it would have made my language immersion travels in Taiwan and China more effective.

Also, as I’m a very busy person, I like how CLO is very versatile for learning Mandarin that fits my hectic schedule. I listen to lessons while I eat lunch in my office at work, and review online in the evenings at home. The interactive online learning is one of the best I’ve seen. I also download the lessons to my iPod, and I listen to lessons in my car, at the gym, or when I’m waiting for business appointments. For a person who cannot travel to a Mandarin speaking country for language instruction, with CLO, you can truly immerse yourself in many Chinese language situations in your home, office, car or practically anywhere.

And since the lessons have titles, as an intermediate level learner, I can learn or review a topic and vocabulary that is important to my life. I can use vocabulary that I know I would use right away instead of studying a topic that have little immedate relevance to my real life.

Thanks Adam, Kirin and Rafael and everybody at CLO for making Chinese learning accessable to everybody in an easy, fun, and affordable way!

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