Greg M., Electrical Engineer, Connecticut, USA

I really like your whole setup! The lessons are very good, and I really like the progressive aspect of it. For your reference, I also had subscribed to
Chinesepod, and Serge Melnyk’s lessons, and sample the ‘freebie’ content on several other sites. For the cost/benefit ratio, your system is a very good value. Your
online resourses are very good… chinesepod requires some outrageous subscription level to access theirs, a premium subscription only allows access to the mp3’s and the most basic transcription, not the auxilliary material. Yeah, Jenny is hot and all, I could listen to her laugh all day, but the newbie and ellie lessons are way too chatty :-)

Serge is pretty good. He throws a lot of vocab at you at a time, and some of their dialogs get pretty fast, but I like him. Not much in the way of extra resources, besides the pdf transcript, and a basic fill in the blank worksheet per lesson.

I find it funny that I’m learning Chinese from an Irish dude, a Russian, and you, who seem to have a pretty good Canadian accent going :-) Oh, and the native speakers … they are the hardest to understand, because they don’t enunciate as clearly as Chinese as 2nd language folks do.

Anyway, just wanted to say Hi and thanks. Keep up the great work .. enjoy your hiatus from creating new content. Looking forward to the improvements you mentioned, thought the website is pretty darn good already!

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