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10 Responses to “CLO_123: More Teaching Words”


    I just wanted to drop a quick line and tell you guys how much I am enjoying these level 3 lessons. They are very well done. I think you’ve done an outstanding job of integrating previously words into the conversations while at the same time reusing previously learned words both in new ways and as review. I really like this new approach. It’s as though you’re forcing us to venture forth on our own a bit while at the same time making sure we don’t get completely overwhelmed. Ji4xu4 jia1you2!

  2. Thanks Bryan. There’s a delicate balance required between establishing a comfort level while still aiming to push the envelope so to speak, from one level to the next. User feedback like this tells us if we are on the right path so keep your comments coming.

  3. CLO User

    I second Bryan’s input. Good job, Adam et al! :)


    These two lines don’t seem to correspond exactly. Help me out here, I get lost after the “women zai…” part, in the simplified line.

    Kirin: Huānyíng láidào wǒmen gèng jìn yí bù de Zhōngwén xuéxí kèchéng .

    Kirin: 欢迎来到我们在台湾更进一步的中文学习课程.

  4. Hmm, it looks like we used “na2″ prematurely here. It actually means “to take.” It gets taught in lesson 129. So the sentence literally means: “You can help me grasp newspaper take give father?”

    By the way, in cases like this, you can click on the word or character in the complete transcript which will then perform a search for it in the word bank to tell you what it means and what lesson it was introduced in. The search is a lot more accurate if you click on the Chinese character equivalent, since the pinyin search will also return other words with the same pinyin spellings.

  5. Anonymous


    I found that the simplified character for “o” in “Xia ci zai jian o” differs in this lesson from that of lesson 122 (simplified pdf scripts). I think the correct character is the one in lesson 122. Just wanted to let you know.

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