Learn Chinese Insights Podcast Episode 035: Scott Faul

In this episode I interview Scott Faul, an American now living in Taiwan.

Listen to find out:

- What got him interested in learning Chinese, while in the US
– His experience studying Chinese in Taiwan, while working on the side
– How he used the Chinese he had learned, while working in the US
– The benefits he found for being able to speak Chinese, while looking for work
– His experience living in Beijing for 10 years
– The difference he found in culture between China and Taiwan
– The difference in accents and slang he experienced between Taipei and Beijing
– What he would have done differently regarding learning Chinese
– Why he switched from business to doing a masters in translation
– What his career plans in translation are currently
– The difference in business culture in China / Taiwan versus in America
– How negotiations are handled differently in China / Taiwan versus out west

Learn Chinese Insights Podcast Episode 013: Austin Yoder (Part 1)

Austin is an American who has lived in Hong Kong, Indonesia and now in Taiwan. He now runs two companies including tearroir and Foundation for Talented Youth. Listen to this episode to find out:

- Why he chose to live in Taiwan
– What it was like growing up as an American in Hong Kong.
– What it’s like going to an international school
– His experience taking a degree in Chinese from an American university
– How he started his first business in Taiwan
– His recommendation for how to register a business in Taiwan
– How he went about finding local clients
– About the tea culture in Taiwan and how it’s bought and sold

We will wrap up the interview in our next episode.