Read and Type in Chinese

I recently started a new site, based around the CLO material but with a focus on reading and typing in Chinese. The site is free at the moment – it just requires a Facebook login. The goal would be to eventually integrate it with CLO so that users can choose between focusing on listening (CLO) or reading and typing (RTC). Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Read and Type in Chinese

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  1. Hello Adam,
    I wanted to let you know their is a problem with the link above. The link includes the blog address before the new website’s URL, and results in a 404 error.

    I’m very excited to try these new features. It’s great to see more development coming down the pipeline on CLO!

  2. Anonymous

    Well-written lessons for the ‘read and type in Chinese’, I’ll come back for more if the lessons expand to covering more advanced topics. It’d be helpful if the choice between simplified and traditional characters didn’t revert back between lessons.

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