Bulk Downloads of Level 7 Now Available

As the title says, level 7 bulk downloads can now be found on the bulk downloads page. There are 3 ways to get them:

1. Purchase each of the components (lessons, dialogue and audio summaries, PDF notes) for $19.95 USD, or purchase the entire level for $49.95 USD, which includes 30 days of online access.

2. Purchase an All Access Package that gives you access to all the site’s content for $199.95 (a $400 USD value).

3. If you’re an existing online subscriber, you may be able to redeem one or more of your download credits to get free bulk downloads. You get 1 credit for every 3 months of online access you have purchased. Check your profile page to see how many credits you have earned so far, then contact me to redeem them.

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