Chinese Learn Online - Progressive Mandarin Course

Chinese Learn Online - Progressive Mandarin Course

You're learning it wrong!
Why other language programs fail, and how you can master learning Mandarin Chinese with this
simple, new approach.

Mandarin Chinese is the number 1 spoken language in the world. What advantages and opportunities would you have if you could converse with 1.3 billion Chinese speakers?

Yet, it is one of the hardest languages to learn.

  •    It is a tonal language, unlike English. So mā is different from mà, mǎ or má, even though they sound the same to us.
  •    It uses characters - unlike the 26 characters of the English alphabet, you have thousands of characters to learn.

These are two of the reasons why so many English speakers try to learn Mandarin, and give up in frustration.

Designed by English speakers for English speakers.

Hi, I'm Adam Menon. I don't know about you, but when I first started learning Chinese, I struggled with it. I went through books, CDs, podcasts, anything I could find, but yet I wasn't making the progress I wanted, and I couldn't figure out why. Was I just that dumb?

That was when I realized that most of the learning materials were designed by native Chinese speakers.

This makes sense. But the problem is that they don't have the same learning issues that we English speakers do, as they learned it differently. That's why I designed Chinese Learn Online (CLO) to solve these sames issues. It's the Chinese course I wish I had from the start!

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It's progressive. Other courses use a theme based approach. Today they'll teach you about restaurants. Tomorrow they'll teach you about business. Guess what? You'll forget what you learned today, if you don't get to use it again.

The first two levels of CLO are taught to you in English. Later levels are taught completely in Chinese that was taught to you earlier. So you're constantly reusing and more importantly remembering what was taught to you at each step. This is how you make progress! If things get too difficult, slow down and repeat earlier lessons to get back on track.


1. Listen. To learn Chinese, you have to first learn the sound of the language. Understand the tones. So we give you listening practice. A lot of it. Just repeat what you hear and you'll master tones the tones yourself.

See what other students have said about this approach:

I have been complimented many times, quite genuinely, on my good pronunciation. Not as a native speaker or speaking correct Mandarin all the time but generally being understood. That is a huge compliment after only 7 months.

I have a close Chinese friend who listened to some of the recordings on my IPod - she said go with CLO. She constantly remarks on my great accent which she says is always the biggest problem.

2. View transcripts. Pick your mode of choice (simplified, traditional or pinyin characters) and follow along with the word for word transcripts. For added practice, you can try reading the transcripts on your own first, without the accompanying audio. This is a great way to learn how to read, with progressively difficult material, right at your level of difficulty!

3. Do the activities. Each lesson has a set of activities to test your understanding of the vocabulary, grammar and characters taught in each lesson. Pick the activities that match the skills you want to focus on, and watch your Chinese improve each day! Additional exercises are reviewed by actual teachers to make sure you're keeping on track.

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Does this approach work? Let's ask students what they think.

Very useful site

"Finding CLO has made an enormous difference to my learning. I like being able to work at my own pace, it is great to be able to hear the spoken lessons and I really like the typing tests and exercises. Being able to get feedback on my answers is also a great plus point. The lessons progress at a good pace, fast enough to hold interest but not too fast that I have to keep repeating them. I am just starting level 2 and try to do at least one lesson each day. Overall I think CLO is very good value for money."

Lyn Randall

Artist, Wamboin, Australia

Great Language Learning Method

"I am 67 and have been studying Mandarin for a little over 2 years. Before this I was a mono-lingual American, who was never interested in leaning to speak another language. I take Mandarin classes in the US and China, but I find CLO provides the most effective method for helping me hear and understand, speak and read the language. I am currently HSK Level 2 certified, and am told I could easily pass Level 3. I believe the 'Progressive Teaching Method' used in CLO has been most effective in helping me advance in learning Mandarin. I would also add that Adam provides great support with language questions as well as on line and mp3 issues. I highly recommend CLO for anyone interested in an effective and fun method for learning Mandarin."

Ben Gilbert

Engineer, Raleigh/Shanghai, US/China

Excellent CLO course

"I have been doing this CLO Chinese Course for around six months and very happy with it . Currently I only concentrate on reading simplified version ( Vocabulary , Complete , Podcast ) . Even though I did not have time to do exercises , tests , writing etc... I am still able to make good progress that does impress my Chinese friends. Unlike other Chinese courses , This one is very well structured, easy to follow and understand . It is very suitable for me and I am sure it will be for all other new learners as well . In comparison this CLO is the best so far."




"I have tried different methods from other website, and I believe that the chinese learn online courses are well structured. Also it is important the comprehension is not too easy or too hard. you would think that learning chinese is not fun, but these guys actually make it quite enjoyable because if you study a bit everyday (or almost) you will see your progress."

Cyrille ERIEAU

Project manager, Hangzhou, France

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