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CLO_176: How to Pick Up Girls

Vocabulary: Numbers

Vocabulary: Tone Marks

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2 Responses to “CLO_176: How to Pick Up Girls”

  1. Jonatan Says:

    You’re really starting to confuse me with the “dong dong” thing… Is it correct or not?

    Also I was wondering if there were going to be some different voices again, not that these are no good actors, it was just nice to hear some different accents and voices in the older lessons.

    Sorry to sound so negative, I still think this is the best online course I’ve found yet.


  2. Adam Says:

    Hi Jonatan,

    In Southern parts of China and Taiwan, characters with an “eng” sound are commonly pronounced with the “ong” sound. In Northern parts you are more likely to hear an “eng” sound.

    I will be sticking with these voices for now, since the benefits of hearing new voices seems to be offset by confusion over accents and clarity. The videos use a different voice for the female part, if that helps.

    Thanks for this feedback though, since it really helps me plan the future direction of this course.


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