CLO_122 : 問候回顧

詞彙量: 數字
Da3 zhao1 hu1 de bu4 fen4

詞彙量: 口氣
Dǎ zhaoo hu de bu� fèn

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對「CLO_122的6個反應: 問候回顧」

  1. 薩爾瓦多Venegas 說:


    您可能解釋什麼不同的字符在da3 zhao1 hu1意味?

  2. 亞當 說:


    da3使用您的手提到做某事(在這種情況下問候的行動某人與波浪), zhao1提到召喚或告訴某人,而hu1提到大聲召集。

  3. 薩爾瓦多Venegas 說:


  4. licha 說:

    亞當和co。 在3months i以後』 ve完整level1和level2獨自。 i』 m 65yrs老和這是我的企圖在第3種語言(i』 m流利在法語和英語)。 』 m迷住以漢語文化和語言和有些被刺激的i。 明顯地它是愛好和方式保留我的記憶和腦子激活。 i』 m對level3 (成為一個優質訂戶,但是感覺進步的更加快速步幅漢語)相當困難。 我自己的步幅不給我任何選擇為新的level1&2教訓。 我知道你不可能停留在同樣水平為太長期,但是感覺我需要更多工作那裡。

  5. Luise 說:


    我是高興的您寫了。 最初的躍遷在水平之間通常高并且採取一些習慣。 然而您發現我們維護那步幅為多數級,允許您時刻習慣它。 From level 3 on, the complete transcripts are also more comprehensive, allowing you to follow along and easily look up words you hear that you don’t understand.

    Each lesson still only teaches a few new words, but more effort is put into reusing old vocabulary, which is of course important when learning any language. Try out the sample premium materials (vocabulary, complete and podcast reviews) for the first few lessons in level 3 and tell me if they help.

  6. licha Says:

    thanks Luise, i also had not looked at the ‘Hints&Tips’ an overlook on my part. these were a great help to me. i see now the premium materials are necessary in order to continue your progressive learning concept.
    i’m working on becoming a ‘premium subscriber’ and possibly using the ‘one on one’ service later.

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