CLO_121 : Vue d'ensemble de cours dans le Chinois

Vocabulaire : Nombres
Geng4 jin4 yi2 bu4 de ke4cheng2
Bi3ru2 shuo1
Deng3 deng3

Vocabulaire : Tonalités
Jìn yí bù de kèchéng de Gèng

Shuō de Bǐrú
Děng de Děng

Prévision de la meilleure qualité libre : Clic ici pour des détails d'abonnement

10 réponses à « CLO_121 : Vue d'ensemble de cours dans le Chinois »

  1. Luobot Dit :

    Kirin, 欢迎回来 !

  2. che_eder Dit :

    Kirin, 很高興再次見到你, parce que votre parler est exempt d'accents (au moins je pensent ainsi) et parce que vous avez été là depuis le commencement.

    Grand :)

  3. kirin Dit :

    Che_eder, 你好
    我也很高興再回到這裡與大家見面, 你的中文有進步嗎 ? 我相信你一定進步很多.
    我們一起加油吧 !

  4. Marc Heyvaert Dit :


    Je me suis récemment joint en tant qu'abonné de la meilleure qualité. Bien que global je sois tout à fait heureux avec ce que j'ai vu sofar, il y a quelques plus petites choses qui sont plutôt ennuyantes et qui je voudrais que vous vous amélioriez au moment si possible. Quelques exemples :
    1. Caractères simplifiés. Bien que l'option soit offert moi constatez que quelques caractères n'ont pas été convertis du manuscrit traditionnel. Presque chaque leçon a uns.
    2. Vous offrez joueur audio instantané flottant de `un' à la page principale, mais pas aux autres pages qui ont le matériel audio. Pendant que j'essaye de noter dans le hanzi toutes expressions de Chinois que je dois pauze le joueur de temps en temps, tout en pouvant regarder - pour la référence à cette partie de la page qui a la transcription de la phrase que j'entends. Maintenant je défilement de la trouvaille moi-même à travers tout temps pour réaliser ceci.
    3. J'aimerais voir une certaine meilleure manière de diriger le site Web. Si je veux étudier la leçon 100 de parole, j'emploie le contour de cours pour obtenir à cette leçon. Is this the only way? I wonder if it could be possible to make some table of contents that would contain all of the lesson titles say in 3 columns that could link to the appropiate pages.

    Thank you for looking into this.


  5. Adam Says:

    Thanks Marc! This is the kind of feedback I love to have.

    1. You’re right about the simplified - everything is first typed in traditional then converted to simplified (should be easier than going the other way), but like you mentioned - there are still some characters that don’t get translated properly. I’ll try and go through earlier lessons and check which ones look off. You are welcome to email me specific examples if you wish.

    2. I never thought about the floating audio player till you mentioned it. I’ll certainly look into it.

    3. I’ve tried to create a logical structure within the URLs for pages. So if you prefer, you can manually type in page URLs (which should bring up your history if you maintain it it). Once you are in a page, that should also make it easier to visit other pages. For example, if you are on the complete transcript page for lesson 100 and you would like to visit the same page for lesson 50, you can manually change the lesson number on the URL to take you directly there rather than going to the course outline first.

    As far as the table of contents goes - do you mean an actual page? And if so, how would it differ from the current course outline? Or do you mean a popup like the menu items?

    I’m definitely open to these and other ideas on how to improve the content and navigation so keep the feedback coming. For more specific suggestions, you are welcome to email me as well using the Contact Us form.

    Best regards,


  6. Marc Heyvaert Says:


    Thank you for the quick reaction.

    1. It is not really a problem, I already gathered that the original script is in traditional characters as you are in Taiwan. But I thought that conversion from traditional to simplified was really straightforward (the reverse is not, I know), most free readers that are out there seem to do this quite well.

    2. Floating would be nice if you can get hold of this sort of component, but I actually meant pop-up, as on the main page. If you could just provide this option with every occurence of the player, it would be a great improvement on the current situation.

    3. I can see the structure now. I don’t know if this will work. I guess I need some more working-experience with the website. I will give you feedback later on.

    Keep up the good work!


  7. Adam Says:

    Hello Marc,

    I have made a couple of tweaks in response to points 2 and 3 above.

    2. There is now a pop-up version of the player available in the Complete page like on the front page.

    3. There is now a quick access window on the sidebar that lets you go directly to the Vocabulary and Complete pages for any lesson. I didn’t include the other pages since those vary from lesson to lesson.

    Do these help?

  8. Marc Heyvaert Says:

    Hello Adam,

    Great! I like the quick access idea. You are very methodical in your lessons and often mention lesson numbers when you remind us of a word or structure that we have already met earlier in the course, so access through lesson number is very useful indeed.

    BTW, you have reached my level now with your course, spot on. So I am going to make good use of this course from now on and I am curious to see how quickly my Chinese will improve in the coming months (and years). I am going to China in November so I really do need to get things moving :-)

    Marc in Belgium

  9. Adam Says:

    Thanks Marc. I’ve tried not to litter the lesson commentary with too many old lesson number references of late, since you can now find that out by directly clicking on words in the lesson transcript. Now that the difficulty level has increased, I expect there will be a lot more words that listeners will be clicking on for review.

  10. hapepo Says:

    Hello Adam,
    the quick access is a very helpful feature, thank you. Keep up the good work!

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