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Progressive Mandarin Course

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Learn Mandarin Chinese Online

The quickest and most efficient way to learn Chinese online

For beginners and lower intermediate learners of Mandarin Chinese

Chinese Learn Online (CLO) is a progressive audio course in spoken Mandarin that features 420 lessons split across 7 levels of difficulty. Listen to each lesson in order, then do the activities online to test your understanding.

Progressive lessons

Start with lesson one for absolute beginners, and work your way up. Each lesson continues where the previous one left off.

Automatic Review

Later lessons reuse vocabulary taught from older lessons so you're constantly forced to review what was taught earlier. If the lessons get too hard, just review the earlier lessons to get back on track.

Learn on the Go

Download the lessons directly to your iPod / iPhone / iPad / Smartphone so you can learn on the go. Print out PDF transcripts of each lesson to take with you, if you wish.

Online Review Tools

After each lesson, do the various exercises provided to test that you've understood the materials. Get instant feedback on whether you're on the right track or not!

Live Teachers

Get feedback from real teachers on your progress through exercises or optional one-on-one lessons.


Go as quickly or as slowly as you want. Put in 20 minutes a day and you'll complete the course in under 3 years. Put in 8 hours a week and you'll complete the whole course in 6 months!

Learning Chinese Online Vs Books

Practical Audio Visual Chinese book seriesA tonal language likes Chinese requires a LOT of listening practice that books cannot give you. Save the books for learning grammar rules AFTER you are familiar with the concepts. CLO is focused around listening comprehension. When an important word or concept is taught, you will hear it used over and over in different situations and contexts, so your brain will automatically recognize the sentence patterns. That’s how we learn our native language. However we do include notes for the grammar minded, so if you want to know the rules involved, you still have a resource for that.

Learn Chinese more effectively than you can from classes

Learning Mandarin Online Vs Classes

In a class, you have to divide your time with other students. Some students will be above your level, and some will be below your level, so the teacher has to cater to everyone. You can’t stop the teacher each time she says a word you don’t understand, because you have to be mindful of other students in class. With CLO however, the course is designed exactly for you. Anytime the teacher uses a word you don’t understand, you can pause the lesson and easily look up, not only the meaning of the word in context, but also which lessons in the past that it was used in, so you know where you need to review.

CLO Podcast Vs Other Podcasts

Learn Chinese more effectively than you can from other podcastsCLO has two key advantages over many of the other podcasts out there:

Many podcasts use a theme based approach. This means that each lesson is independent of the previous one and centered around a particular topic, with the current topic not related to the previous one. So one lesson might be about food, while the next is about shopping. As a result, all the vocabulary you learned in the earlier lessons gets forgotten very quickly. In the CLO approach, words taught in previous lessons are constantly reused in future lessons, giving you constant review within context.

Many podcast courses out there teach in discrete levels. So there might be a separate level for a beginner student, and a different level for an intermediate student. You’re expected to figure out your own level. Since each student is different, most students find the level they choose either too easy or too difficult when compared to their actual level. There is also no plan in place to get you from one level to another. So students remain at their current level without progressing to the next one. Imagine a school where you repeated the same grade level year after year? How long would you do that, before dropping out in frustration?


  • CLO testimonial

    First of all, I’d like to congratulate you on your course online. I subscribed 2 weeks ago and have been well impressed by the quality of your teaching methods. I’m also a teacher and I really appreciate how you cover the different aspects of Mandarin Chinese.
    Emmanuel P., Spain

  • CLO testimonial

    I just love this course and tell everybody about it at the Chinese school where I have a 2 1/2 hour-lesson once a week. It complements and puts me several steps ahead of my present classes - everybody feels awed by the sentences I’m able to build, my vocabulary and sometimes the explanations about a certain term that even the Chinese teacher is not able to explain.

    Dirceu C., Brazil

  • CLO testimonial

    "Just thought I’d drop another line to say that I think CLO is the best! There is so much repetition that my understanding is becoming more “instinctive”, and I’m preparing for each lesson in advance now. I think the Level 4 method is a good way forward !"
    Graham S., Pharmacist, England


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